Consistent with many of our Telco clients, Telkomsel have identified the future of their business growth lies with young, urban, upper demographic customers who are smart device enabled. They are also undergoing a network transformation from service centres to stores but have seen the opportunity to also create a new store format aimed at this segment alone.

Today, mobile internet is changing the way we live faster than any other social or technological advancement. Everyone can now like everyone, everyone’s a photographer, everyone’s a business guru and everyone knows a lot more than they used to.

Everyday people do remarkable things….

The idea behind this new brand positioning is to give recognition to the new generation of fully empowered people and what they are now achieving. It engages individuals who see themselves as just that – people who refuse to be categorised. For a large corporate in a category that has traditionally put customers into boxes, this is a whole new approach to telco retailing.

Posted on June 12, 2013 in Portfolio

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