Virgin Active, AUSTRALIA

People join gyms because they want to achieve something, to get fit, to loose weight or to meet someone. Once they have achieved that goal, they typically leave. This leads to gym’s manufacturing loyalty by locking their members into contracts.

Virgin Active operates in most continents around the Globe. They have identified a huge opportunity in the Australian market due to the brand’s ability to create a loyal following.

The role of the Virgin Active brand is to forge relationships with customers as they join while they are in need of support and encouragement. Once this relationship is formed, the brand then has permission to encourage and push its members to the next level so that once they have reached their goal, they are encouraged to stay to reach a new goal.

We have now opened four Virgin Active gyms across Australia, all are full to capacity with a significantly more loyal membership than the competition.

“ Virgin Active Australia would be happy to suggest Public Design Group to any company seeking to bring their Brand to life in the physical space.”
Anton Brown – Marketing Manager – Virgin Active

Posted on June 8, 2013 in Portfolio

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