Jason Pollard


Good design affects every aspect of a brand, from customer experience, to business performance, to internal culture. Our work penetrates far beyond the walls of the store, ensuring integrity in the delivery of an idea.

I started working with FutureBrand London in 1996 and came to Sydney to launch their retail studio in 2002 with Dan. We started Public in 2003.

Dan Cooper


Over the last 20 years I’ve worked with many respected individuals in the design industry in Australia and the UK.

I’ve learnt it’s the simple, commercially minded ideas that focus on customer needs, that deliver the most successful customer experiences.

Hopefully our work speaks for itself.


James Hewitt

Creative Partner

I’ve worked in brand design agencies around the world for over 20 years on a diverse range of clients and projects.

Every project has it’s own unique challenges of brand and audience. Creating the meaningful connections between them is what continually takes us to new and exciting places.


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